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2008-02-23 20:37:32 by TheLobsterman

So i opened an email that was supposedly from newgrounds, and my computer got flooded with spam and virus's completely incapacitated it. I lost every single one of my song projects, all my itunes stuff, my pictures, and my fairly recently purchases Logic Pro 8. I had to buy a new apple computer and luckily my dad had backup files of the itunes stuff on his computer, but i lost all of my song projects and Logic wont give me a new download (cause i downloaded it online) to put on my new computer. So im pretty much fucked back to the stone age and im not gonna be able to make any new songs other than the occasional sound recording for quite some time, cause im not gonna have another 700 somethin dollars for a while.


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2008-02-23 20:41:22

Fucking fuck!!! >:(


2008-02-23 20:47:16



2008-02-23 21:52:23

Ghey. An e-mail that was "supposedly" from newgrounds. Got details?
Also, I don't really open my NG emails, they're kinda just there for a reminder. Daily 5, new upload, etc.
But, yeah, that suck real bad.

TheLobsterman responds:

yeah it was a daily 5 email so i didnt worry, i was wrong! :(


2008-02-23 21:58:10

There must be some kind of confirmation number they sent you or something with your purchase. An invoice of sorts HAD to be sent to your email. If you show them your invoice and prove you purchased the program, alongside what happened, I would think they HAVE to give you another download. Some kind of Registry key or something?

I don't know how they work, but if they DID give you a registry key, download the file from a torrent and use your registry key. It'll be brand new and legit.


2008-02-25 14:09:12

yeah you should be able to contact the company and get Logic back somehow... anyhow, do you still have the e-mail? or remember any info about it? I guess the staf would be interested in knowing about it. i'd try sending liljim a PM with as much info as you have.


2008-02-25 15:31:39


I doubt that the e-mail was actually from the official Newgrounds P-bot address. It's incredibly easy to spoof an (I'm not saying it's just specific to Newgrounds, ANY @ e-mail address is easily spoofable).

It might have also been the case that a bad advertisement in the webmail client is to blame. That's if you're using a webmail client, of course.

Or, you might have downloaded something else, and told your dad that you only opened this e-mail just to cover your arse.

The P-bot e-mail doesn't contain any code apart from very basic HTML, which just isn't capable of producing the malicious results you're suggesting.

It goes without saying, don't click links in e-mail, don't open attachments etc.


2008-02-25 17:21:32

I'll just go on the record as saying that definitely wouldn't have been an email from NG. Our emails don't contain any weird stuff in them, so either something else was happening on your computer, or someone sent you something malicious, disguised as an NG email. Sorry to hear it, though. :(

TheLobsterman responds:

OMG TOM FULP!!!!!!! ^_______^!!!!!!!!

No it wasnt a newground email, it was a fake email and i was stupid and didnt notice that the name was "Newground" vs the actual name "Newgrounds"


2008-02-25 20:48:03

you could find out where the virus was downloaded.

I had a backdoor which stays on your computer forever even if you erase windows completely and it will still show up.
I gave up on the computer but then A year later I deiced to try and fix it.
I went main C drive files and looked for weird files hidden as EXPLORER in caps. All I did was right click and delete now the computer runs like new.
If you are able to find the source you should be able to get rid of it.


2008-02-26 12:32:25

You can also download ubuntu, run it in live mode (from the cd) and fire up gparted and delete every single partition 10000000000000000000000000000000% chance for success ^____________________________________


2008-02-27 22:42:09

My got Fulpified!
One of the lucky few, you are.
Now, give me your soul so I can be the fulpified one.
Give it now!

TheLobsterman responds:

:) you sweet talker