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Exam Time!

2008-01-13 22:34:49 by TheLobsterman

UUUUUUGH BRUTAL HELL!!! For some reason my district decided to make exams after the break, and theyre this week, UGGGGHH, so no new audio for awhile....not that it matters to anyone

whaaat! original ideas!?!

2008-01-05 21:24:36 by TheLobsterman

Well most of my work so far has just being mixing sound loops to make a song that sounds nice. While ive never denied this, a reviewer has dropped scores because of this. Now garage band loops are copyright free, and ive fashioned them into a completely original song, so I never thought anyone would care. I was wrong. So to remedy this ive decided to start on a completely new project in addition to my horror music project. Ive keep on posting update to my lack of fans, and hopefully show this reviewer that I am perfectly capable of writing a nice, original piece.

is it so much to ask for

2008-01-04 01:54:49 by TheLobsterman

well my goal is to get on the "best of week" audio holy board of far not going well....
I mean sure ive only been a member about a week, and i dont have a lot of submissions, but i mean it's so gosh darn hard to get any publicity making audio. I mean my reviews have been positive...but the most votes I have on a song is 12....12!...that gets me nowhere...i guess not enough people appreciate feel like spending 3 seconds clicking a button...que sera sera

A question

2007-12-31 15:12:10 by TheLobsterman

even though no one reads my blurbs...cause i have no still gonna make posts and blogs cause they fill my boredom, and help express my thought.

Alright now that we have that settled away, how come the only people who really respond on a more steady level are the abusive people who submit worthless crap. I mean i know the better flash artists have hundreds of reviews and they cant possibly reply to them all, but it's sad knowing that some neonazi freak has a greater chance of acknowledging your existence than a well known flash artist.

Voice Acting

2007-12-29 23:15:26 by TheLobsterman

I love voice acting, its such a great way to vent my creative pools of....creativity. Ive always enjoyed doing voices and impressions, but ive found that i have a much wider range of voices than I thought, and it really helps to pass the time to practice, and just see what I can do. So hopefully ill get to do some projects sometime, and who knows maybe itll start being a career, but for now, im just talking in my mirror, taking it one step at a time.