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Im an Alt

2009-01-31 01:57:33 by TheLobsterman

Im the alt of HolyTomato :D


Can you believe it

2008-07-22 20:58:25 by TheLobsterman

im organic and hypoallergenic

did you know?

2008-04-28 23:32:23 by TheLobsterman

that John Paul II was an honorary harlem globetrotter

I hath returned

2008-04-26 19:50:48 by TheLobsterman

And i bring a new creation with me! /140102

blah blah blah

2008-04-04 19:51:50 by TheLobsterman

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalalalala


I got banned!

2008-03-31 23:52:57 by TheLobsterman

for making an april fools day joke. Jeez NG always keeping us down. ill be back in 3 days

woooo hoooo

guess ill do homework.....

Im moving back to canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, 500 posts to celebrate!!!!!!!!


2008-02-23 20:37:32 by TheLobsterman

So i opened an email that was supposedly from newgrounds, and my computer got flooded with spam and virus's completely incapacitated it. I lost every single one of my song projects, all my itunes stuff, my pictures, and my fairly recently purchases Logic Pro 8. I had to buy a new apple computer and luckily my dad had backup files of the itunes stuff on his computer, but i lost all of my song projects and Logic wont give me a new download (cause i downloaded it online) to put on my new computer. So im pretty much fucked back to the stone age and im not gonna be able to make any new songs other than the occasional sound recording for quite some time, cause im not gonna have another 700 somethin dollars for a while.

New Songs

2008-02-01 19:39:04 by TheLobsterman

lalalalalala time for new songs! woo, i got school work behind me, and im ready to record some new sax stuff, look forward to it


2008-01-19 19:09:52 by TheLobsterman

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Exams are over!!!